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Wednesday 7 November 2018


The FIG Vision of the Future Surveyor & The TCG Vision for Establishing Global Partnerships
Prof Chryssy Potsiou, FIG President 2015-2018

Funding, Warranty & Pensions. Contribute to the economic and social development of our members and communities. When people with common goals come together, the result is the sustainable growth of a business segment and the entire community involved.
Roberto Simon, Vice President of Region III UIA

Education, Economy and Society
Serban Tiganas, Secretary General of UIA

Aesthetic architectural restoration of existing bridges
Enzo Siviero, Deputy Secretary General of EAMC, RMEI Honorary member

A proposal for the fast refurbishment Of the connection on the Polcevera
Enzo Siviero, Deputy Secretary General of EAMC, RMEI Honorary member

The Transformation of Global Land Registry Systems: Protecting Rights and Advancing Economic Development
John Dean Markunas, Blockchain Adviser & Front-End Business Development Consultant, Global Real Estate Industry

The economic impact of climate change
Prof. Panagiotis E. Petrakis, Department of Economics at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Climate change: the balance of mitigation and adaptation
Yanni Paniaras, Chairman of SEV Business Council for Sustainable Development

Trends and Policies of architecture in the African build environment
Mohammed Munyanya, UIA Vice – President of Region V, Chairman of the Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK)

Asian Environment: Hot issues about South & North Korea
Jong-Ruhl Hahn. UIA Vice –President Region IV

Women and Geomatics in the Arab Region
Prof. Dalal Sobhy Alnaggar, Former FIG Vice President

Digital Transition for Buildings & Presentation of the work of the “EU BIM Task Group”
Dr. Souheil Soubra, Scientific Advisor of the French Government to the “Digital Transition Plan”(BIM), Director of IT Dep. of CSTB, Representative of “EU BIM Task Group”

Christophe Castaing, Chair EFCA BIM Task Force

Digitalization of the construction industry – European Initiatives and BIM Standardization
Dimitar Natchev, ECCE Vice President & Maria Stefanova, Union of Civil Engineers in Bulgaria

Towards an INCEPTION (Inclusive Cultural Heritage in Europe through 3D semantic modelling) HBIM creation
Prof. Antonia Moropoulou, School of Chemical Engineering NTUA, President of the TCG Executive Assembly

BIM and the future of Hellenic Consulting Firms
Ioannis Ladopoulos, Member of the BIM Task Force of European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations (EFCA) & Board Member of the Hellenic Association of Consulting Firms (SEGM)

Thursday 8 November 2018


The urban history of cities
Antonio Riverso, Professor of International Academy of Architecture, UIA Immediate Past Vice President

Financial problems of architects in the climate change environment
Fabián Llisterri, UIA Treasurer

Architecture and Renewable Energy Sources
Nikos Fintikakis, UIA Vice – President Region II

Architectural education and profession in transition
Prof. Fani Vavili-Tsinika, UIA Greek Section President

Bologna process
Enzo Siviero, Deputy Secretary General of EAMC, RMEI Honorary member

Earthquake and Chaos. A different interpretation of the seism. Negative effects of the vertical seism on masonry buildings.
Massimo Mariani, Former ECCE President

Preliminary Results on the research into Land Consolidation in Europe
Rik Wouters, Vice Chair of the UNECE/WPLA bureau

Mega Cities, Construction Sector, Disasters and Sustainability
Cemal Gökçe, President of the Turkish Chamber of Civil Engineers (UCTEA) & Hüseyin Kaya, UCTEA Board Member

Future scenarios in Land administration
Fredrik Zetterquist, Chair of UNECE WPLA

Sustainable Structural Design: Energy Efficiency Vs Structural Efficiency
Chatzidakis, ECCE President

Formalization of Informal Real Estate
Prof. Chryssy Potsiou, FIG President

Valuation of Unregistered Lands
Ben Elder, RICS International Director for Valuation

Experiences from the formalization process in Georgia
Mari Khardziani, Head of International Relations Unit, National Agency of Public Registry Georgia

Sustainable Real Estate Markets & the Task Force on Real Estate Market Study
Steven Nystrom, FIG Commission 9 Chair

New Trends in Spatial Information: Surveyors Role in the Era of Crowdsourcing and VGI
Prof. Dr. -Ing Hartmut Müeller, Chair Elect of FIG Commission 3

A Higher Ethic
Robert W. Foster, FIG Honorary President

Women and Land in the Muslim World
Rafic Khouri, Adviser to the President of the Arab Union of Surveyors for international relations

Recent developments in the context of the Hellenic Cadastre
Dr. Dimitris Rokos, Director, National Cadastre & Mapping Agency S.A.

Progress and status of the development of the core geospatial information infrastructure in Greece
Dr. Panos Lolonis, Head of the Geospatial Information Department, National Cadastre & Mapping Agency S.A.


Land registration systems to enhance sound real estate markets and promote sustainable development
Nuria Raga Sastre, REM member

Impact of Airbnb on Real Estate Market  in Athens
Aliki Fatourou, Deputy Secretary to the National Committee of Geoinformation & Prof. Chryssy Potsiou, FIG President

Distortions and prospects in the property market in Greece
Michail Kalogiannakis,  President of the Hellenic Association of Rural and Surveying Engineers (H.A.R.S.E.)

Sustainable real estate markets for economic and social benefits in the UNECE region
Giampiero Bambagioni,  Property Economist, Certified International Property Specialist, REM Chair

Sustainability and Transparency for UNECE Real Estate Markets
Paloma Taltavull de la Paz, REM member

Friday 9 November 2018


Continuous Education
Dragoslav Sumarac, former Minister for Urbanism and Construction of Serbian Government, President of the Serbian Chamber of Engineers

Commoditisation of the Greek residential property market
Dimitris Andritsos, CEO, Eurobank Property Services SA

LGAF – the means to identify trends and policy innovations for strengthening Land Governance
Dr. David Egiashvili, International expert, Land Administration and Land Market Development

Building services to emerging land markets in former socialist Europe
Helge Onsrud, Honorary FIG Member, Director International services Statens kartverk – Norwegian Mapping Authority, Center for Property Rights and Development

Territorial justice-a new paradigm for the development of a country
Prof. Dr. Holger Magel, Honorary FIG President, Professor of Zoning and Land Management, Technical University of Munich

The founding of FIG and the progress during the last 40 and 4 years
Juha Talvitie, FIG Honorary President

The role of cadastre and land management for social stability
Gerda Schennach, FIG Chair of Commission 7, ACCO Representative in the FIG Council

The Multi-Dimensions in Cadastre
Daniel Steudler, Honorary FIG  member

Surveyors and Ethics go back a long way
Maurice Barbieri, President CLGE

Sustaining “multilateralism” in FIG for our common good
Kwame Tenadu, FIG Chair of Commission 8, Land Surveyor Fellow of the Ghana Institution of Surveyors

The African Perspectives in enchancing the professional collaboration and Strategic Partnership from 2014-2018
Mansur Muhammad Kabir, Registrar, Surveyors Council of Nigeria (SURCON)

FIG Looking Back and Forward
Prof Chryssy Potsiou, FIG President 2015-2018

National Technical University of Athens
Marinos Kavouras, Vice Rector NTUA